Ghost of Christmas Past

As all card makers know, Christmas is the ultimate “card” holiday.  So early in my paper crafting life I started making lots and lots of Christmas cards.  And still do!  As I look back in history at my earlier Holiday cards, I am amazed at how far I have come, although I do still like the simpler cards.  Here are several of my earlier Christmas/Holiday cards that I created.

First, I came upon some beautiful laser cut stickers and fell in love with them.  But what to do?  I ended up backing them with white pearl cardstock and then layered onto gold mirror cardstock.  But I needed a WOW factor, so this whole centerpiece was layered on to red suede paper with more mirror cardstock.  I found a small lucite coated sentiment to add to the center.


(c) Nancy Roth

The second one is more cute and simple with an adorable snowman bundled up for winter and holding is best buddy, a bluebird.  Some ribbon and white, red and green cardstock complete the card.



(c) Nancy Roth

Last for this look back is an old fashioned toy train.  Red, gold and green cardstock and paisley antique printed paper accent the train stamped in sepia ink on ivory cardstock for an aged look.  A bit of ribbon tops it all off.  A cute simple card that can be sent to anyone.


(c) Nancy Roth

I hope you enjoyed another journey into my early Christmas paper crafting years!  I’m looking forward to sharing both old and new with all of you



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