Pocket Cards!

So you get to know me a bit, I thought I would start with some of my earlier creations.  As I look back at some of my earlier cards, I appear to have had a fascination with vellum pocket cards!  I think that vellum adds some very nice accents to cards and this is how I chose to add it at the time.  I am also very partial to interactive cards, so all of these have tag elements that can be removed.

Here are some of my earlier vellum pocket cards covering three different themes…..Friendship, Fall and Christmas.

First the Friendship one actually incorporates a bookmark with lots of fiber so it doesn’t get lost in your book.  I love the sea and chose that theme for this one.

seashellbookmark© Nancy Roth

The Fall one added a few extra elements of heat embossed leaves as well as a cute little metal embellishment of a 3D pumpkin.

autumntree2© Nancy Roth

Finally the Christmas one, keeping with the vellum pocket theme, has snowflakes and a snowflake saying, again with a removable tag.

snowflaketag© Nancy Roth

These are all very early and simplistic designs but they do show how you can take one simple technique and use it in different themes.  I hope you enjoyed this small peek into my early years!